Supermarket Sales Interactive Performance Dashboard


"Business is Always about Number"
A success indicator of a business is certainly seen from the sales figures that grow or the sales it wants to achieve. Sales figures and other indicators can be stored in tabular form in a spreadsheet or database file. However, it will be hard to evaluate the data in a table with many numbers spread over tens of columns and thousands of rows.


Therefore, data visualization is needed to measure the company sales performance (in this case, a supermarket). The Sales Performance Dashboard is structured to capture sales progress, sales trends, sales per product line, and other indicators. The Sales Performance Dashboard is interactive so that you can filter the visuals displayed on the dashboard.

Dashboard Preview

For the dashboard preview, you could visit the dashboard file in my onedrive.

!!! atention
  • There will be a little difference between uploaded dashboard and the real dashboard, such as the background.
  • The dashboard display will be different depend on the device screen resolution.