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Hi, my name is Arif Agustyawan. I'm a fresh graduate of the Bachelor of Computer Science in Informatics Engineering. Since the fifth semester I have been focus in Data Science and learned Data Science & Analytics, Probability Statistics, Probability Statistics, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Pattern Recognition.

Data Scientist, Data Analyst & Machine Learning Engineer

I will show and tell you the secret (insight) of the data

  • Birthday: 5 August 1999
  • Phone: +62 813 9343 6278
  • City: Banjarnegara, Central Java
  • Age: 21
  • Degree: Bachelor of Computer Science
  • Email:

Currently I am actively learning about Data Science and other related sciences, as well as doing practical work by working on projects on Data Science. I participate in bootcamps, workshops and other events that can improve my skills in the field of Data Science.



Bachelor of Computer Science in Informatics Engineering

2017 - 2021

Telkom Institute of Technology, Purwokerto, Indonesia


TensorFlow Developer Professional

DeepLearning.AI - May 2021

Exploratory Data Analysis

International Business Machines (IBM) - May 2021

Database Programmer

Badan Nasional Sertifikasi Profesi - Apr 2021


Database Administrator

Sept - Dec 2020

Telkom Digital Talent Incubator

  • Designed and developed relation database
  • Conducted query optimization
  • Conducted DBMS Performance Tuning
  • Backup and restore database system
  • Developed distributed and replication database

Machine Learning Developer

Apr - Jul 2020

Indosat Ooredoo Digital Camp

  • Learned programming in Python
  • Learned Data Visualization (Dashboard, Repport, etc.)
  • Developed machine learning model to resolve problems


These are some sample projects I have worked on. Apart from this project, there are some projects that I don't show here.

Exploratory Data Analysis, Time Series Analysis for Supermarket Sales Forecast

Data Analysis

Supermarket Sales Interactive Performance Dashboard

Data Visualization

Image Classification of Fresh Fish and Non Fresh Fish

Machine Learning

Sentiment Analysis on Mask Using Tweet Data

Machine Learning

Classification of the Sounds of Crying and Laughter

Machine Learning


Just in case you want to know more about me, here are some of my pictures. I like to travel. I love roaming the streets of the city, walking through the trees. I take one or two vacations a year if I have the opportunity, usually during the semester breaks if possible.

Klenteng Sam Po Kong


Puncak Sikunir


Candi Sewu


Candi Prambanan


Pantai Sodong


Titik Nol Kilometer


Kompleks Candi Arjuna




Banjarnegara, Central Java


+62 813 9343 6278

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